4 Ways Businesses Can Use Misting Cannons

A misting cannon is a versatile equipment that businesses can use in many ways, including those that we’ll be talking about in this article. To ensure the misting cannon’s optimal performance regardless of the application, make sure to get this equipment only from a trusted company, such as Bosstek.

  1. Dust Control

The most popular use of misting cannons is perhaps for dust control. Construction, manufacturing, and mining companies are some of the businesses that will benefit from a misting cannon. The atomized mists will saturate dust to prevent it from causing water and air pollution. This will be beneficial in terms of promoting a healthier and safer workplace, not just for the workers, but for the general public as well. This is also crucial for compliance. While misting cannons can help in managing dust effectively, however, personal protective equipment and other measures are still necessary.

  1. Odor Control

Like dust, the odor can be a big problem in many industries, such as construction and manufacturing. It can originate from the raw materials used, processes, and improper waste management. While many things can effectively control odor, one of the best is the use of a misting cannon. By creating atomized mists, it will get rid of the odor particles that can be present in the air. In most cases, these misting cannons do not just use water. It is combined with a chemical that will target the source of the odor.

  1. Crowd Cooling

When organizing an event, one of the most important concerns would be keeping the crowd comfortable. Especially if the event is outdoors, such as a music festival or a concert, misting cannons can also be handy. It will be an effective method for crowd cooling. Especially if the event is held in the middle of the day, the attendees will feel refreshed when there is an atomized mist. This will give the guests a good time. This will also lessen the likelihood that people will faint or go irate when it gets too hot at the festival site.

  1. Spraying Disinfectants

There are many things that we have learned because of COVD-19. Among others, the importance of disinfecting became more apparent. Misting cannons will help to make the task easier. The cannons can be loaded with alcohol or a special solution that can fight the main causes of an infection. These cannons will use a pump to pressurize the disinfectant. After this, there is a fan that will project the droplets and spray it on the area being targeted. Depending on the misting cannon that will be chosen, they can be controlled remotely and angled at certain positions based on the target area.

From dust control to crowd cooling, a misting cannon can be beneficial in more ways than one. However, not all misting cannons will deliver the same level of exceptional performance. To avoid regrets, pick only those from reliable companies for an assurance of their highest quality.



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