5 Easy Ways to Accrue Miles without Booking Flights

If you want to secure mileage awards without flying, it’s all about capitalising on the airline’s extensive partner programs. Read on to find out more.

Did you think the only way to earn airline miles is by taking to the skies? Wrong! It’s no secret that the easiest way for a globetrotter to maximise miles is by flying across multiple airlines. The accumulated points can be used to snag discounted tickets, seat upgrades to the exclusive business class as well as a host of other prioritised services.  While flying is a lucrative option, there are myriad ways to accrue valuable miles without spending big bucks on airfare.

The key is to sign up for an airline loyalty program. Thanks to their extensive partner networks, privileged members can rack up enough points to enjoy free flights and cool perks on the ground. Not a bad deal, right?

Listed below are five incredible ways to plump up your mileage stash without stepping into an aircraft.

  • Accrue Points through Retail Partners: Imagine lapping up reward points on everyday shopping? Yes, it’s true! All major airlines have affiliated partners. The trick is to use co-branded cards at the participating retail stores to pick up essentials and other stuff like electronics, clothes, home appliances, personal care, cosmetics, etc. Points are automatically added to your membership number each time you swipe the card for purchases, whether online or in person. The points earned can be redeemed for exotic holiday trips or lifestyle benefits.
  • Bonus Earning on Dining: Enjoy eating out? The easiest way to gather a chunk of reward points is by dining at a restaurant allied with the airline. A simple swipe of the registered card at their preferred list of eateries can bring in bonus mileage points. Given that there are participating restaurants spread all over, just visit a diner in your locality to earn miles.
  • Collect Miles on Hotel Bookings: Another simple way to keep your mileage coffer brimming is through hotel stays. You can accrue endless points by booking with any one of the accommodation options linked to the frequent flyer program. The reward points are duly credited to the mileage account a few weeks after the hotel stay is completed.
  • Earn Points when Buying Petrol: Believe it or not, but you can boost your miles balance with ordinary stuff like refuelling your car with gas. This feature is perfect for someone who is always on the go. Most service stations have tie-ups with airline loyalty programs. The process is straightforward. Use your membership card whenever buying petrol for vehicles and add reward points to your mileage kitty.
  • Car Rentals: You can earn miles on your rental car reservations as many carriers collaborate with car rental companies. On booking a vehicle through your frequent flier account, you can earn miles on the reservation based on the amount you spend. Isn’t that an easy way to climb the mileage ladder?

The Last Word

As you can see, miles can be accrued for activities that have nothing to do with flight booking. These are just five simple ways. The mileage heap can be expanded through utility bill payments, recharges, online surveys, writing reviews, spa treatments, and a lot more. So, what’s stopping you? Start implementing the above tactics to get the most out of your frequent flying program.

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