6 great reasons to go whale watching in Merimbula

The Australian population loves the outdoors to have fun and to connect with nature. Many adopt a pet as part of the family, or sometimes visit a zoo. However, those who want to see mammals in their natural habitat are in for a real treat if they visit the south of NSW.

Whether travelling for the day, or perhaps taking advantage of an attractive coastal town and enjoying a stopover, those who decide to enjoy some Merimbula whale watching will have the trip of a lifetime for the following 6 reasons.

  1. Merimbula is located on the Sapphire Coast, which is as good as anywhere in the world to enjoy watching the annual Humpback Whale migration which sees the jaw-dropping mammals head from Antarctica to the Great Barrier Reef and back.
  2. The sighting of whales is enjoyed by up to 13 million people across 100 nations annually, and those who head to this part of the world have the chance to see some of the 50,000 or so that are involved in their yearly adventure.
  3. Seeing the whales involved in incredible acrobatic action while mothers teach their young in the art of being a fully grown whale will stay in the mind forever, while the captain and crew offer advice and impart their knowledge so everyone knows what to look out for onboard the fully equipped modern vessel.
  4. The tour is both responsible and respectful, keeping to the 100m limit away from the whales, that are often joined by other sea creatures such as dolphins, penguins, orca, Australian fur seals, plus many species of sea birds.
  5. The whales head north between May and July, which offers great opportunities of sightings, but the true aficionados reckon that their return is possibly more dramatic as there is the chance of seeing them feeding together in pods as they continue towards cooler waters. Lateral and lunge feeding can be viewed, while in 2020 & 2021 ‘bubblenet’ feeding was also observed.
  6. The tours represent excellent value for money. If a sighting is not provided for any reason, then a voucher for a return trip is offered free of charge, which can be used at any time during the current or following season.

A whale watching tour in Merimbula will create memories to last a lifetime when heading out with an experienced crew to enjoy the breathtaking mammals in their natural habitat.

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