6 Tips to Safely Remove and Dispose of Old Appliances

Appliances don’t last a lifetime. And when it’s time to remove and replace the appliances in your house or apartment, you’ll have the added worry of removal and disposal. You may succeed in lifting the appliance outside your home, but what about disposing of the items? Depending on where you live, some landfills may not accept large appliances, hence making it more difficult for you. Adding to the complexity of the disposal process are the regulations that govern the proper handling of chemicals present in some appliances, such as refrigerants. So, how do you guarantee safe disposal?

Start with a plan

Getting rid of old appliances is not a spur of the moment decision. You need a concrete plan which involves logistics and a viable place where you can drop off the items. There are several options available, which will be discussed further below. What’s essential here is you find a suitable solution that best fits your needs. It is also crucial that you are familiar with local regulations governing the disposal process. Make sure that you comply with these regulations every step of the way to avoid paying a fine.

Hire a professional instead

The most hassle-free and efficient approach to disposing of old appliances is hiring a Fort Lauderdale junk removal service. Choosing to trust a professional checks all the boxes. You are not only guaranteed safety and convenience, but you are also confident that these experts have the necessary tools, equipment, and license to handle appliance removal and disposal.

Use only a safe removal method

If you choose to remove and dispose of the appliance without the help of an expert, make sure that you only use a safe method. Don’t try to haul a large device on your own. You need to have extra hands available to assist you in carrying the appliance outside your house and onto the vehicle. You also need to ensure that you are lifting heavy objects correctly and not compromising your safety. Use any tool which may make the task easier, as well as prevent damage to your property.

Don’t attempt to remove or dispose of refrigerants

Refrigerants used in cooling appliances are dangerous and should only be handled by experts. Don’t try to touch or dispose of this chemical anywhere. Contact a professional if you notice any leaks coming from the appliance.

Check local recycling facilities

Look for a recycling center near you that accepts old appliances. You may also want to check if they accept the type of machine you want to dispose of. If you can’t find a recycling center, try to donate the appliance if it is still usable.

Look for someone that collects scrap metal

There may be establishments in your area that buy or collect scrap metal. Scrap collectors often accept appliances like old and broken washers, dryers, and stoves. Call first and ask if they can take the appliance you want to get rid of. If they do, this option is perhaps the next best alternative in case you can’t find any other facility that will accept your old and broken appliances.


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