Basics of establishing a limited liability company (LLC)

The idea of ​​”becoming your own boss” is certainly exciting, and if you plan to do it by launching your business and your business plan is ready, the next important step Is to determine the right business structure. This decision has a wide range of implications for your business and should be chosen carefully. Factors such as personal liability, regulation, and tax treatment. They are managed in the form of business entities that may be the only owner, company, partnership, or limited liability company (LLC).

What is LLC?

LLC is a hybrid business entity that selects the characteristics of a company and a partnership. It is configured to not only benefit from the partnership’s pass-through capabilities but also to allow operational and management flexibility while limiting responsibilities as in the case of enterprises.


Limited liability

This is one of the characteristics of an LLC in that it resembles a company. LLC provides owners with a protective shield against debt and corporate liability. LLCs can only liquidate business assets and repay debt, not owners. You can register your firm with the best LLC services.


The company does not pay taxes directly from the IRS because LLC is not considered an independent tax authority. Instead, tax obligations are levied on members who pay through personal income tax.

Less hassle

Of all business forms, getting started with LLC is easy with less complexity, paperwork, and cost. This form of business has few record-keeping and compliance issues and is very easy to operate. LLCs also offer a lot of freedom in management because they don’t have to hold a board of directors or an annual meeting or keep a strict logbook.

Allocation flexibility

LLC offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to investing and sharing profits. This can be done by creating an investment contract that sets the percentage of profit (and loss) for each member’s company, regardless of the initial investment amount. Therefore, it is possible to invest in a business even if the outside investor is not the owner.

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