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Today every country wants to progress more, and the critical factor which comes forth for development is the infrastructure available in the country. The infrastructure building responsibility comes over the engineers and architects. Handling multiple projects becomes much easier if we handle it through the most portable devices, i.e., smartphones and tablet-PC. Some of the best apps for the architects on android and IOS platforms are discussed here. Writer of this blog is

iRhino 3D (IOS):

It is an IOS based application which gives the architect (user) can view models and plans created in Rhino 3D. It allows the user t view the 3DM files directly on the iPad, iPhone, etc. Using the navigation keys, one can scroll through thumbnails and quickly switch in between the models. We can also show the models to our clients, and data can be saved directly to the cloud. This is most used by architects in jaipur 

Magicplan (Android/IOS):

Today the smartphones are becoming more and more efficient due to the advent of artificial intelligence. This app uses this artificial intelligence to measure a particular area or to make a professional floor plan through photographs. It also allows the user to add objects, annotations et.

Morpholio trace (IOS):

This is one of the dream software for architects and designers. It was also listed in the Archdaily as the best app. It is the drawing tool that allows the user to work smoothly through all the designs. It allows pdf readability etc. This app is adding features continuously.

BIMx (IOS/Android):

BIMx is the award-winning app for structural designing apps. This app has unique and useful features, i.e., it integrates the 2D and 3D building project navigation. It has the hyper model feature, which allows the user to reduce the ridge in between the design and the original project at the construction site. It allows the user to measure and make adjustments without any extra software.

AutoCAD 360 and Autodesk FormIt 360 (IOS/ Android):

AutoCAD is software available on PC for designing and project work. These Autodesk apps allow the user to access the Revit files on our portable devices, which allow easy drafting, sketching, and editing projects on the site. It allows the user to mark and view the files remotely and edit it after returning back.

Archisnapper (IOS/Android):

This app allows the users to create and access the field reports. It also allows the user to draw, sketch, annotate and add comments to particular positions of the construction photographs. The creation and organization of construction site data is a tedious work and requires several devices, but with this app the user can automatically generate their field reports and manage it with clients.

Paper (IOS):

Paper is the application where one can show their ideas. It helps us to capture sketches and notes and share them over the internet. It offers a smooth and fluid workflow for the user to have a seamless experience using this app to create the project or edit it.

These are some of the apps which can be used on the android and IOS platforms by the architects in order to achieve more workability with more portability.

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