Common Factors That Can Affect Car Accident Settlements

If you get involved in a car accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for various forms of damage that resulted from the crash. While most damages are straightforward and relatively painless to calculate, others can be complicated. Either way, both categories are eligible for some form of compensation.
There is no standard car accident settlement. However, several factors, including a good accident lawyer, will heavily influence the amount you’re compensated. The following are common factors that can affect car accident settlements.
1. Liability proof
Liability proof is the foundation of any successful settlement. If there isn’t enough evidence that another individual was responsible for your accident, or you were partially responsible, the value of your settlement can be reduced. You need a skilled car accident lawyer to help support your claim if the accident was solely another driver’s fault.
2. Your medical expenses
The medical costs you incur after a car accident affects the amount you will receive in compensation. The expenses include:
§ Ambulance transportation costs
§ Emergency services
§ Hospitalization
§ Surgical expenses
§ Medications
It is recommended that you keep safe all your medical bill documents to support your claim. A competent car accident lawyer will rely on a medical expert’s guidance to estimate possible future treatments’ costs.
3. Property damage
Damages done to your car are much simpler to establish. If you were involved in an auto accident caused by another driver, their property damage policy would pay toward the cost of repairing your car.
If your car were totaled, your car’s fair market value would be calculated depending on the car’s mileage and age. The resulting value will be your entitlement in a settlement.
4. Were you wearing a seatbelt?
The value of your settlement might be reduced if you are injured and weren’t wearing a seatbelt when the accident occurred. Seatbelt laws may vary from state to state.
5. Whether or not the driver was intoxicated
If an intoxicated driver caused your car accident, you might be eligible for punitive damages in some cases. Punitive damages are added compensatory damages meant to punish the defendant for their unlawful.
Conduct and to caution them and others from acting similarly in the future. The risk of punitive damages typically leads to a liability insurer giving more in settlement than if their client was not drunk.
6. Extra expenses
A car accident recovery process can be filled with multiple expenses. These extra costs are exclusive of medical expenses and may include:
§ Car rental expenses while your car is repaired or replaced
§ The cost of hiring help to assist you around your home while you recover
§ Expenses of transportation to and from hospital appointments
7. Type of injury
The severity of your injury determines the value of your compensation. For example, head injuries or broken bones makes you liable for more compensation. This because very severe injuries require more medical attention, thus more expenses.
Your car accident settlement’s success is influenced by the factors mentioned above, including a competent accident lawyer. Contact Dr. Patti & Associates for help regarding car accident settlements.

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