Differences between steroids and weight supplements

The biggest difference between steroids and weight supplements is that it’s much easier to find legal weight supplements in a store or online than illegal steroids. Weight supplements also pose no health risks while using them if you follow a recommended dosage and cycle period. On the other hand, steroids have serious side effects when used incorrectly, which is why they’re available legally only with a prescription from your doctor.

All differences between steroids and weight supplements:

1 Availability:

Steroids are illegal in most countries, which makes their availability very limited. They can only be acquired through the black market, and you will always risk getting caught when buying them at such places. Weight supplements, on the other hand, are legal, and they don’t pose any risks of being confiscated because there is no way to know what exactly it is.

2 Cons:

Steroids have a lot of cons associated with them, and they don’t only affect the user but also everyone around. First of all, since steroids are illegal in most countries, there might be legal consequences for using or distributing them. Besides, users are at risk of contracting HIV, AIDS, or hepatitis B from sharing needles. There are also serious side effects that steroids users have to consider, especially those who abuse them and don’t follow the recommended dosages or cycle periods.

3 Side effects:

Using steroids can cause many side effects, including but not limited to acne outbreaks, hair loss, and deteriorating mental health. Steroids users are also at risk for developing kidney problems or even cancer if they don’t follow their recommended cycle periods. Weight supplements have no side effects unless you take more than the recommended dosage.

4 Cycle period:

The cycle periods for steroids and weight supplements are completely different. Steroid users have to follow a shorter yet more intense cycle of around 12 weeks, while weight supplements only need about 40 days or less depending on the product they decide to use.

5 Results:

Steroids can give you very fast results that last for a short period, which is why bodybuilders and athletes mostly use them. So, Buy Winstrol UK for optimal results! Weight supplements, on the other hand, take longer to show their effects, and it depends on your diet and workout routine as well. In addition, some weight supplements work in conjunction with steroids, so when using them together, you will get faster results.

6 Dosage:

Steroids users have to take a very high dosage for the product to be effective. Weight supplements, on the other hand, only require you to use two or three tablets each day which means that they are easier to follow and don’t pose any health risks unless, of course, someone takes more than recommended.

7 Price:

Steroids are a lot more expensive than weight supplements, so some users prefer to use the latter. Weight supplements can be bought at any supplement store or online, while steroids need to be purchased through underground sources where they come with high prices, and you also risk getting ripped off by buying fake products.

All differences between steroids and weight supplements are listed here, which is why it’s advisable to research whatever product you want to use before actually using it. This can help reduce side effects or even prevent them from happening altogether if done correctly.

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