Drug Use and Abuse – the Myths and Facts

Are you new to the world of substance abuse and usage? If yes, you can gain a lot of knowledge on the truth regarding drug use and drug abuse California now. You might be doing the worst thing in the world, not to the other but yourself, if you are on drugs. Take a look at the following article to find out more about it!

Myths and Facts on Drug Use and Abuse

People all around the world have different concepts and points of view on drug use and drug abuse. Some of them are true, indeed, while the others are wrong. Here are a few interesting myths and facts on drug use and drug abuse that you might find useful:

  • Myth: Some people believe that drug abuse and drug addiction are the same things.

Fact: The above myth is false as the two terms of drug abuse, and drug addiction are different things that revolve around the same topic, drugs! When a person talks about drug abuse, he means to say the usage of drugs in life. Drug abuse refers to the intake of different drugs or a drug by injecting, inhaling, or ingesting it. When you go to a part or mix with a group of people anywhere who are cool with taking drugs, you get the urge to try it. When you try drugs in life for various reasons, you are doing drug abuse.

But when one talks of drug addiction, it means that the person is addicted to drugs, and he finds it difficult to survive without them. Drug addiction refers to a condition where a person gets habituated to taking drugs. In drug addiction, you develop a constant urge to take drugs. The amount of drug you take increases with time to attain the same satisfaction and highness. You might even experience a withdrawal effect while in drug addiction, which stops you from leaving drugs.

  • Myth: The people who cannot control their drug addiction are often weak.

Fact: The above statement is entirely wrong. No person in this world is immoral due to the use of drugs in his or her life. When a person cannot get over drugs, it often leads to some severe health disorders. Some people who are addicted to drugs try to self-medicate themselves without proper consultation by using more drugs to settle down the withdrawal effects.

  • Myth: People who take drugs can quit anytime.

Fact: People who take drugs or think of taking drugs should never believe in the above myth. A person might initially have control over himself on the usage of drugs. Once he gets temporary pleasure due to the aftereffect of drugs where his brain gets relaxed, filled with dopamine, the body wants to stick on to the feeling longer. The eagerness continues to rise high and soon makes the person addicted to drugs.

  • Myth: Drug use is only among the lower fold of the society.

Fact: Drug abuse does not look for the lower classes of society only. It might happen in anyone’s life anytime. Drug use and drug addiction can affect all society levels of different standards anytime due to peer pressure, family issues, work pressure, etc.

Till now, you have come across some of the fascinating myths and facts on drug use and drug abuse California.

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