Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is increasingly becoming a popular option when it comes to dealing with hair loss and receding hairline. It is a practical and impressive tool which permanently redistributes your growing hair follicles to thinning areas which can be done flawlessly with the help of this technique. If you have been planning to undergo the treatment, then book your consultation today with Hair Clinic Toronto. Androgenic Alopecia is a genetic condition, and here is how FUE can help you deal with it.

FUE hair transplant for Androgenic Alopecia

By the age of 35, more than half of the men start to face the nightmare of hair loss. The hormone DHT, which harms follicles and miniaturizes hair. Men who have hair remaining at the back of their head and sides have DHT resistant follicles in those areas. If this description sounds familiar, then you don’t have to worry as FUE is an ideal procedure for you. FUE is ideal for redistributing the DHT resistant hair which is still there. They are used to fill in the sparse zones. The effect of the transplant is permanent too.

What happens during the consultation?

During the consultation, you will find out the factors which are causing hair thinning. An experienced hair transplant surgeon will examine your scalp and hair, ask essential questions to determine whether issues like diet and lifestyle have contributed to hair fall. If you are experiencing vitamin deficiencies, side effects from medications, stress, hormonal imbalances, inflammation and more, then they might be contributing factors towards your hair loss. These factors are mostly treatable and reversible, so hair loss can be too.

What FUE can do for you?

FUE treatment can deliver unprecedented and natural-looking results, which can’t be guaranteed by most techniques. Especially to those patients who suffer from the common hair loss genetic condition of androgenic alopecia. If someone in your family member has lost their hair at predictable times with a characteristic pattern, then you can expect your hair fall to follow the same pattern.

Male pattern baldness is the layman term used to refer to androgenic alopecia. Male is mostly used as more men are affected by it than women. The pattern of fallout for males usually leaves behind a band of hair at the back and sides of the scalps. The hair continues to thin and recede from the front and top. Whereas with women, the presentation is different and there is thinning all over, which leads to a visible scalp.

Book an appointment

If all of those things ring a bell, then it is time for you to book yourself an appointment with an expert. They will help you to determine which treatment would be better suited for you. During your consultation you can share your expectations, the expert will help you to realize them. Hair loss is a painful journey, but with the advancement in technology, it can be easily tackled.

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