Large Canvas Prints

The only problem that one can have with large canvas prints is space; these beautiful lively images are known to eat up some good amount of space on our walls. Many people would, therefore, specially designate some of the empty walls to contain the prints, for example, you could hang your large canvas print on the wall on top of your bed, or just above your fireplace.


Triptchys normally come in sets of three-piece large-sized canvas print and given their aesthetic nature, they could best be utilized in the living room or used in office receptions. The three-piece canvas has so much going on, from their size to the bright colors that you will rarely need any other form of decoration.


Panoramic photography can be reproduced in large canvas prints and used as interior décor. With the above, you, therefore, get the option of choosing on the different styles available, for example, you could use the split canvas, or have your images printed on a large piece of framed canvas to improve on its cosmetic appearance or better yet you could have them as framed prints.

Panoramic large canvas prints are best utilized in office settings because of their style and shape or in restaurants; however, the above-mentioned designs like the three-piece will be perfect for your living room.


For the individuals who are passionate about art, well the large canvas prints can cater to this and all you need to do is present your best art images and have them printed out in a three-piece large canvas print to add to their beauty. The reason why we are recommending a three-piece when it comes to art is because a one piece seems kind of boring and people will get used to it fast.

Besides a three piece looks more professional and you can have the large canvas prints present different angles of the art.

Custom art

Large canvas prints also tend to bring out beautifully custom art, the oversized images might seem too big to include pictures of your family members but it’s worth the try. Most large-sized custom arts are of single individuals and are mostly hang close to the dining table, but how about you go all out and have a custom image with all the members of your family, you could also include a pet if you have one.

Large canvas prints are statement-makers; they do customize the wall of any room whether it is an office or a living room. This type of large canvas prints are best left for the professionals and for you to get a clear and lively large canvas print, ensure to first take the best high-resolution digital photos.

Large canvas print creators normally use a combination of heat and pressure to ensure that the inks are tightly affixed onto the canvas material, to prevent them from coming off as time goes by. By using heat and pressure the creators won’t have to again use a plastic coating to achieve a shiny and protective finish.

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