Mega ways explained – Big wins with innovative slots

Megaways slots are online video slots that utilize Big Time Gaming’s proprietary Megaways engine. This engine provides an astonishing number of symbol positions on every spin. While a typical online slot may offer between 10 and 50 pay lines, Megaways slots can have up to 117,649 ways to win. It creates monumental variety in gameplay and presents vastly more opportunities to hit winning combinations on every spin.

The large majority of Megaways slots have 6 reels, along with variable rows on each reel during the base game. This variance in reel size is made possible by the cascading symbols feature utilized in Megaways slots. Symbols fall vertically into place rather than spinning on fixed reels, allowing the slot to add more positions to each reel with every cascade. Most Megaways base games offer between 2 and 7 symbol positions per reel, which when multiplied together, provides between 64 and 117,649 ways to win.

Megaways gameplay features

  • Cascading symbols – Instead of traditional reels that spin, Megaways slots use cascading symbols that fall into place vertically when winning combinations are hit. It creates frequent chain reactions and paves the way for expanding reels.
  • Expanding reels – The number of symbol positions per reel expands after cascading wins or certain in-game events, leading to even more Mega ways to win. Reels expand to up to 12 rows high during base gameplay.
  • Reactive wins – Wins are highlighted by explosions, implosions, dissolving symbols, and other flashy reactions that add to the excitement.
  • Frequent payouts – The sheer number of ways to win translates into very frequent payouts, even if base game wins may be small. But, it keeps the gameplay compelling while waiting to trigger a bonus.
  • Bonus features – Megaways slots offer immersive and exciting bonus features like free spins, reaction spins, and extra wild symbols, which lead to those highly coveted big wins.
  • Infinite reactions – Some Megaways slots add extra positions to already expanded reels after big wins, allowing virtually infinite reactions and payout potential.

Tips for hitting big wins

While Megaways provide frequent smaller wins, slot enthusiasts are ultimately chasing the highly lucrative main event those elusive Mega big wins worth hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of times your bet. Here are some tips for upping your chances of unlocking that life-changing jackpot:

  • Choose slots with the most Megaways (up to 117,649) for maximum win potential. Some slots max out at lower numbers.
  • Check the game’s RTP percentage. The higher, the better your odds. Megaways RTP ranges between 92% to 97%.
  • Keep playing through base game wins to charge up the bonus meter faster.
  • Triggering free spins is your best shot at a mega win. So, select the link slot gacor with the most free spins or a chance to retrigger more.
  • Infinite reaction and golden symbol features further boost big win odds in the bonus round.

Just be sure to gamble responsibly, set strict limits, and have fun hitting those Mega wins.

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