Mistakes People Make Before Their Engagement Ceremony

The engagement ceremony is a special day that everyone wants to make special in whichever way possible. If you are also getting ready to tie the knot with your love and all set to propose her officially on the engagement day, then leave no stone unturned to make necessary preparations. However, while doing so, avoid making some mistakes that can potentially ruin all the fun and put you in trouble.

Here are they:

While Selecting the Venue

If you are the one who is going to finalize the venue for your engagement, then do it only after having an estimate of the total number of guests to be present during the ceremony. There is no point in booking a huge property for a few dozen people, and at the same time, a small venue can never be enough if the number of guests is a lot. So, have an estimate from your side and bride’s side before making the final call about the venue.

While Choosing the Ring

This is going to be a huge investment so you wouldn’t want to make any mistake while purchasing an engagement ring in Singapore. Since the average cost of a decent diamond ring from a renowned retailer in Singapore goes past a couple of thousand dollars, be careful about choosing a product. There are dozens of different types of rings available in the market. And it’s important for you to be certain about buying them, for there is no going back once you have made the purchase. So, have a discussion with your partner if need be, but be clear about what you want to purchase before you actually do it.

Another mistake people make while shopping for an engagement ring or other related stuff is cash payment. They try to clear as many dues as possible on the spot just to have a hassle-free experience. However, they miss out on many reward opportunities by doing so. If you have a credit card that has a good reward system if your shopping amount goes past certain limit, then instead of withdrawing money from your bank account immediately, swipe your card and earn those reward points. You can always make the card repayment on time and save yourself from unnecessary charges.

So, keep these few points in mind and make your engagement a memorable event in your life.

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