The Benefits of Stairlift Hire

When people experience limited mobility for a period of time, they often call experts for stairlift hire. A stairlift can be installed on any staircase and it helps people get up and down the stairs. As a result, they gain independence and can move around the house as needed. People may only need the stairlift during recovery from an injury or surgery, and the best companies can come out and install it for them.

Choosing the Right Stairlift

One of the benefits of stairlift hire in Stratford-upon-Avon is that people can get the best model for their staircase. The best companies will have both straight and curved stairlifts, and the one selected depends on the type of staircase. A straight stairlift is for stairs without any turns, while a curved option is for any stairs that have a turn.

When people call the stairlift company, they offer free consultations and come out to make sure that the best stairlift for their clients’ needs and budget is chosen. These companies have stairlifts available on a short-, medium-, and long-term basis, so they can accommodate any of their clients’ needs.

Stairlift Options

In addition to choosing either a straight or curved stairlift based on the staircase, there are other options to consider. The best companies offer heavy-duty stairlifts that can carry people weighing up to 25 stone. They will also have slimline stairlifts with a folding hinge rack, which is ideal for space-saving situations such as a doorway at the bottom of the stairs.

Some stairlifts have swivel seats that rotate around and others have automatic power swivel seats. Straight stairlifts come with a remote control that lets people call for or send the stairlift up or down the stairs.

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