The Benefits Of Staying Active In Old Age.

We all know and understand the importance of exercise throughout our lives, but becomes even more important as we get older and we reach and go past pension age. Some people do worry about becoming more active when they become senior citizens but the health benefits of leading a more active lifestyle far outstrip the risks of not doing so.

Just because you got one of those new stairlifts in Oxford, it doesn’t mean that you have two be less active than you were before. A new stairlift will actually encourage you to walk more because if you are still able to use it to get to the second floor of your home then it means that you’re walking around a lot more. As a senior you need to be more active for the following reasons.

  • It improves your health – Making sure that you take a number of steps every single day is an excellent way to keep yourself in shape even though you are a senior citizen. There are always exercise programs specifically for seniors at your local swimming pool and in your local park.
  • Stronger bones – As we get older, our bones lose their strength and so taking regular exercise helps to keep your bones strong and allows you to be stronger as you move into old age.

It is important to have a strong heart moving into your later years and so doing some kind of cardio will give you the energy that you need to get yourself through every day.

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