The Culprit Behind Most Accidents in the U.S.

In 2019, the U.S. experienced around 38,800 fatalities because of car accidents and the top contributors to these mishaps are surprising and alarming.


Driving is a learned skill. Unfortunately, new drivers won’t have the reflexes and decision-making of an experienced driver only because they passed the driving test. Although these tests are good gauges, they should not be the ticket to drive on busy roads. Developing the ability to steer the wheel and step on the right pedals, while observing the surroundings takes time. When challenging terrain tests this ability, the driver will quickly fall short and make mistakes. Sometimes, one mishap can lead to a fatal road accident. According to the United States National Security Council, half of all the teens in America get involved in a car crash before graduating high school. Since teenage drivers easily develop the confidence required in steering the wheel, mild supervision will help prevent a false sense of security. Inexperienced drivers should be reminded to put on their seatbelt, focus on the road, regulate their speed, and avoid using their phone while driving.


Driving with dimmed senses is dangerous. There are many reasons behind impaired senses while driving, the most notorious culprit being alcohol. In the United States, the allowable blood alcohol concentration level is 0.08% or lower. On average, this amounts to around four drinks, but this still depends on how your body processes alcohol. Although drinking is a fun pastime for many, driving after consuming alcohol puts many at risk. Apart from being intoxicated, driving while tired is one of the riskiest too. Drowsiness can be attributed to the lack of sleep for 20 continuous hours. This state of body and mind is the most conducive to falling asleep while on the road, costing numerous lives. If you find yourself caught up in these types of accident and your car needs to get towed, a Pompano Beach towing company can swiftly attend to you.

Over time, even the sharpest senses and reflexes decline. This impairment is shared among the 8,000 older adults that were killed in different traffic incidents in 2017. Older adults are at the safest when they prevent night drives and whenever they share rides with reliable family and friends.


Individuals who drive encounter many distractions and cell phones are on top of the list. Taking a call while driving is common among many drivers, but this is a clear danger. Using your phone to engage in conversation or check your social media is highly dangerous. The use of phones should especially be prevented in school zones where children can be crossing the road while the driver is too distracted to see. Other forms of inattentive driving include changing the radio station, reading a map, putting makeup on, eating, and talking to others.

Inexperience, impairments, and inattention are highly risky, especially when driving. Since many drivers underestimate their harm, reminding yourself and your loved ones of the fatality they cause will go a long way.



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