The Difference Between Lumens and Watts

If you are speaking to an electrician about changing over your lighting, it’s likely that you have heard more about LEDs being rated in watts and lumens. With any type of traditional incandescent light source, as you go to a higher wattage this will often deliver more light energy. Lumens are the measurement of total light output and the overall brightness of a bulb. When a light has a higher number of lumens, it will produce a brighter light.

All light bulbs are thoroughly labeled. The label also includes a life expectancy for the estimated energy cost per year. Energy efficient bulbs are entering the market today with low wattage and high lumens. A traditional 60 W incandescent bulb typically produces 800 lm, a 15 watt equivalent can easily produce the same lumen rating or exceed that limit while using less energy.

As there are still many commercial fixtures that are not utilizing LED bulbs, there are many facilities that are not maximizing their light energy and brightness rating. It could be possible for a business to access a greater brightness while also consuming less energy. Taking a look at the lumen rating on any LED and then considering the overall wattage equivalent can tell you just how much you could be saving by choosing a lower wattage bulb that can still produce the same lighting.

LED bulbs also have the benefit of producing less heat. An LED bulb will not cause extra drain on the cooling system in a home this can make sure that an LED equivalent will be able to produce better lighting. You can have quality lighting without having to worry about excess heat being produced.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences between lumens and watts and which LED lighting could work for your business, contact us today!

This post was written by Carl Edwards. Carl is the lighting engineer at Smart Energy Technologies. Smart Energy Technologies is a commercial lighting service company. They offer lighting solutions to a variety of industries. Some of these include, healthcare lighting, commercial restaurant light fixtures, parking lighting, prison led lighting, led warehouse lighting, and much more.

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