The Disadvantages and Risks you face Playing Poker

You probably know more benefits and advantages of playing poker than you can count on one hand and that is okay. However, do you know the inherent risks and disadvantages of playing poker? You must wonder why there are so many online casinos that are offering hundreds of different versions an variations of poker. How do they benefit from the services they offer? For every advantage they get, you get a disadvantage in most cases.

Playing poker online terbaik and game poker online come with many disadvantages and I will highlight some of them in this article so that you get fully informed when you make the decision to play.

Poker games waste your time

One of the disadvantages of playing poker is that it is a time-consuming activity. The learning process itself is time-consuming. Before you can play poker effectively, you will need to learn the rules that are applied. Depending on the variation that you want to play, the rules differ a lot. If you want to play more than one variation of poker, you will need to learn a separate rule set.

After you have learned the rules, playing the game itself will take up even more of your time. An average poker player spends at least two hours at the tables. The two hours that you are spending at the tables is costing you quality time that you would otherwise be spending with your family or taking care of yourself. If you are the type that works during day time and plays in the evenings till late in the night, you may not find the time to get enough rest and attend to other activities. Notorious poker players cancel dates and other events very frequently because of poker.

Poker loses you money

Besides losing time at the tables, you are also losing money. Only 7% to 10% of all poker players end up being successful in the long term. The remaining 90% of the players exist to lose money. Chances of you being among the 10% that makes money are very slim. You will either lose money or break even, but you will definitely lose your time. Poker tends to be a game that people play based on impulse. The decisions people make are made in an instance, but they carry with them huge repercussions. If your goal is to make money in poker, you may have to change your expectations and play because you enjoy the game and not because you are trying to make a living out of it because that is not going to happen easily.

Poker is addictive

Poker becomes even more dangerous when you can’t control your playing habits. You have probably seen people who lose money to poker, but they can’t control it. Once you become addicted, you start becoming irresponsible of your duties and family. You will find yourself neglecting your partner and family to a point that they leave you. You will spend all your money on poker and because you will be spending all your time at the tables, you won’t have the time to look for more money. Eventually, you will become bankrupt.

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