There is fake money between us

What is counterfeit money?

In the businesses of the mafia and smuggling groups, there has always been activity of the production of buy fake money and sell fake money; bills that are similar to the real currency of the country, without legal recognition by the State or governmental entity. This activity is considered illegal, meaning that its manufacture and use for purchase and sale is considered a scam activity or economic fraud. This fraudulent activity has had a transcendental history in the economic world, since it brings many consequences and social impact. Before the invention of paper money, this activity was based on the counterfeiting of the currency, so what the groups of counterfeiters did was mix base metals to create coins that resembled the real currency that circulated in the country. Currently, the interest of the groups that are dedicated to this activity, is directed to the printing of counterfeit banknotes, which, nowadays with the technology have managed to obtain high quality results, thus having a greater similarity to the original banknotes. , or that they are currently circulating in the country. In some indigenous cultures, nuts were used as the original payment method, however, it has been described that in some places similar fruits circulated that in this case did not correspond to the form of payment, so it is inferred that it was false money. Other practices in other places consisted of mixing metals, to create similar coins, on the other hand, the creation of severed coins was also practiced, which were lighter coins and did not have the same value as the currency that was circulating at that time. . Previously, people who engaged in these activities were penalized with death, currently the punishment is usually years in prison, however that is subject to the criminal procedure code of each country.

What are the most counterfeit bills?

With the development of new technologies it has been possible to scan and print banknotes, for this you need special equipment that allows you to obtain results as similar as possible to the original currency. Additionally, the result of the banknote printing must undergo different processes in order to add the relevant security marks for each country, so that the result of this activity is practically undetectable. By virtue of this, many countries have implemented this technology to counterfeit banknotes, we then see how dollar and eurobanknotes are the most frequently counterfeited, likewise it is said that high-denomination banknotes are part of the group of banknotes with the highest amount of counterfeit money, because they are almost undetectable.

Are there different types of counterfeit money?

Counterfeit money is money that is produced without the legal consent of the state, and resembles real currency enough to impersonate the original currency. The types of counterfeiting are based on the existing type of currency, with paper money notes and coins being made mostly from a combination of metals. It should be remembered that the issuance of money is at the hands of governments, however there are also cryptocurrencies or bitcoins, which until now, are not issued by any central bank, the use of bitcoins does not constitute a crime because it does not imply the manufacture of an existing currency, instead a new currency is being created, however, it is important to note that the exchange between cryptocurrencies and cash does exist, which is why it should also be taken as a process of economic fraud, where the scam of a person who prefers to safeguard their money and convert it to real money, knowing that the cash is fake.

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