Three Tips to Help You Choose the Best Social Security Disability Attorney

Do you need help starting or appealing a disability claim? If so, you must look for the best disability attorney in your area. Unfortunately, knowing which lawyer to hire can be hard since you have to choose from a myriad of options. However, this should not stop you from hiring one. Keep in mind that you will have a greater chance of being approved by Social Security if you have an attorney working for you.

To make it easier to choose an attorney, use this guide:

Consider the Attorney’s Social Security Experience

You need an attorney who practices Social Security law to ensure they are familiar with the complex Social Security Disability and SSI regulations. Find a lawyer who belongs to famous professional groups such as the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives. The best attorney has successfully handled several cases involving Social Security claims. You must work with an attorney who not just keeps abreast of the changes in the Social Security laws and the legal process but also knows the coming changes that could impact your claim or your ability to get benefits. 

When it comes to choosing a disability attorney, experience does matter. Social Security disability insurance covers different disabilities and the Social Security Administration has defined a set of guidelines for every condition. When your attorney prepares your case, they will use language specific to the kind of disability you have to prevent denials or delays. This is something you should not worry about if you choose an experienced Social Security disability attorney. 

Consider If You Can Afford an Attorney

Nearly all disability lawyers charge the same fee. Attorney’s fees are often approved by the Social Security judge to be withheld from your disability backpay and paid to them by Social Security. And your lawyer will only be paid if Social Security awards you the benefits you seek. Your attorney will usually get 25% of what Social Security will pay you.

Choose an Attorney Who Prioritizes You

When you suffer a disability and need your Social Security benefits, you want your lawyer to give your disability insurance claim or supplemental security income claim prompt attention. When selecting a lawyer, go for one who puts you first. You should hire someone who shares your concerns and appreciates your sense of urgency. As you research attorneys in your area, find someone with a history of dedication to clients. 

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