Tips to Choose the Right Resort Spa During Your Kerala Wellness Trip

COVID-10 outbreak is spreading across countries at an alarming rate. Since people with compromised immunity and elders are more at risk of the infection, people all over the world are seeking a natural way to boost their immunity to keep the infection at bay. Despite being the land of a whopping 1.36 million people, India has decent control of the situation.

Kerala especially has caught the attention of the entire country with low mortality rates and the highest recovery rates. It is believed that Ayurveda contributes to the low rate of infection in Kerala. The infected people are prescribed Ayurvedic treatment which involves naturally treating many ailments using herbs, oils, diet, and massages and boosts immunity as a whole.

Wellness Tour Package in Kerala:

There is currently more awareness about the importance of boosting the immunity system. The only way to tackle viruses is by having a healthy immunity system. Kerala tourism is expected to shoot up very soon even more, with a focus on both leisure and healthcare. There are several Ayurveda packages in Kerala that lets you explore the state as well as include wellness care.

Reasons why Kerala has more potential to become a world wellness hub:

  • The state’s rich Ayurvedic history
  • The abundance of herbs cultivated
  • The ideal climate that promotes the cultivation of medicinal herbs
  • The importance given to the Ayurvedic studies
  • Highly trained and experienced Ayurvedic doctors and masseuses.

Our food habits, climatic change, lifestyle changes have increased our stress levels and other physical health ailments. Ayurveda is a natural way to treat physical and mental health issues without any side effects. People all over the world visit Kerala to try Ayurvedic treatment. From losing weight to treating leukemia, Ayurveda works great.

To make the most of your Kerala trip, you can book a one-week wellness package. Packages are catering to every budget and the trip duration could be between a week and 21 days. Take your time to find a great package deal.

How to shortlist the best resort spa in Kerala?

Kerala is strewn with several Ayurvedic treatment centers. Take the following factors into consideration when choosing a resort spa during your trip to Kerela.

Location: Any top India wellness Holiday package would cover Cochin, Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom, Kovalam, and Trivandram. Kovalam has the best ayurvedic villas in Kerala. Check out The Ayur Villa which offers customized ayurvedic treatment packages in a serene atmosphere. Their Ayurvedic doctor would help with choosing an ideal package for you.

Budget: The prices start from $100 a day and go up to $400 a day. Decide on the budget and choose to visit any time between May and September to bag the best deals.

Language preference: Since the treatment is related to your health, you should choose a resort that is effective in communicating in your preferred language so that you’ll find it easy to follow the treatment routine.

Food: If you are particular about having non-vegetarian food and alcohol, look for resorts that offer both.

Online reviews:  Glance through online reviews before going ahead with the booking.

A wellness vacation works great for your entire family. Boost your immunity and have a relaxing vacation at God’s own country.

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