Want To Understand Your CCTV System Better? Know These Basic Components Of Its Working Unit

A CCTV camera has become an irreplaceable part of every security system, be it a residential or corporate property. You will find CCTV cameras installed everywhere, whether you visit schools, hospitals, police stations, etc.It is the reason why security solution providing companies have introduced multiple types of CCTV cameras with different features and price ranges to suit the requirements of various institutions and individuals.

A CCTV system may look complex and confusing to most people. However, if you have some knowledge about its components, then it is pretty simple to understand how a CCTV security system functions.  Here is an explanation of some basic components of a CCTV system-

  1. CCTV Cable – CCTV cable connects the security camera to the security DVR and the power supply. There are mainly two cables that are connected to ease the installation. Professional installers use various types of cable while executing and configuring the CCTV camera in your premises.

  1. DVR System – The DVR system is the major component of a CCTV camera. The digital video recorder (DVR) captures the videos and manages them as well. The DVR system is equipped with software that is pre-loaded to grant freedom to the user in order to regulate each security camera independently. Where some DVRs have faster recording speed, there are others which need to be equipped with additional storage, features, and lengthier warranties.

  1. Camera – Camera is naturally the most crucial component of a CCTV system. Although not all security cameras are the same when it comes to their attributes. There are several security cameras offered by surveillance solution companies in the market, and buying one depends on a user’s requirements. For instance, there are various types of cameras such as a bullet camera, a dome camera, etc. and each one has a different USP to serve its particular purpose. Some of the main features to consider are resolution, lens type, power type, and mounting option. Security cameras can be mounted with minimal efforts.

  1. CCTV Power Supply – A CCTV power supply provides power to all the security cameras. These power supplies are usually available in either 24VAC or 12 VDC power types, and they come in different voltage strengths. You can select a suitable power supply by assessing the amount and type of power that your security camera needs. Generally, CCTV surveillance power supplies come in single 4,9 and 16 configurations. It is where the power cable is connected to one end and the other end is connected to the security camera. While a CCTV power supply is highly durable, installing and maintaining it is also easy.
  2. NVR – A Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a unique computer system that records videos in a digital form and saves them on a USB flash drive, disk drive, SD memory card, etc. NVR camera system is the latest technology and helps in enhancing security. Thus, many people nowadays choose NVR camera over DVRs.

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