Ways to Avoid Arguing with Your Photographer During a Special Event

You worked hard to put together a great event, and you invited the special people in your life to be there. You were also hands-on with every aspect of the job, including the hiring of professional photography services to document the event. You want everything to be perfect, and the photos need to capture every detail. The problem is that you might have a lot of demands regarding how to photograph the event, but your photographer has a different vision of how things should be. Therefore, there’s a possibility that you end up fighting. Before it happens, here are a few things you need to do.

Sit with your photographer to discuss what you want

Weeks before the event, you need to finalize the details with your photographer. If there are special requests that you want to convey, you need to agree on them. Whether it’s the angle of taking the photos or specific moments that you don’t want to be missed. Everything has to be clear, and even written on a piece of paper. It ensures that both sides hold up their end of the deal. Your photographer might ask for an additional fee if certain requests are difficult to do.

Establish a good relationship 

You need to have pre-event pictorials and dry runs to see how things will go. During these moments, you have to take time to get to know your photographer and establish a good relationship. You have to be nice not only to the person who will take the pictures during the event but to all your suppliers. It’s easier to make demands if you have a good relationship with everyone.

Maintain your cool

Even if you have dealt with every detail for the event, it’s still possible that things won’t go as planned. Despite that, you have to maintain your cool. You can’t scream at everyone because you’re not getting what you want. Take a step outside the venue to breathe fresh air for a while and rethink your strategy. You could also be wrong, or you have made too many demands. You chose the best suppliers for the event, so you need to trust them to do the job well.

Enjoy the event

You are so focused on every detail of the event to the point that you obsess about unnecessary details. Let go of them since there’s nothing you can do at this point. You can evaluate the performance of the suppliers, including the photographer, and express any frustration later. For now, you have to enjoy the event and mingle with your colleagues.

Even if you’re unhappy with the performance of your photographer, you shouldn’t make a scene. You can pull the photographer to the side and provide some reminders. You don’t want to ruin the entire event because of one detail. The same thing is true for all other services that you requested for the event. Don’t let anything ruin what you worked hard for.


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