Attending Rehab facility in Clifton NJ Without Your Spouse

Becoming sober is hard on its own, yet this difficulty increases when you are in a relationship in which you are both users. In the beginning, you both drink or use drugs and it works, until it doesn’t. When the drinking becomes an issue for one partner, many problems may arise if the other doesn’t see the same issues.

The choice to get sober after living in addiction for several years is a huge decision. When you choose to get sober, you are choosing to move in a different direction. Maybe you are tired of your mental and physical state. Maybe you are tired of living in dysfunction and arguing with everyone and anyone. Whatever the reason, you know that you are ready.

A great place to start is getting information about traveling away from drug and alcohol rehab in Clifton and attending our facility in Florida.

How to be Sober Alone; Can Your Relationship Survive?

After rehab, you return home with a clear head. You have tips and tricks to follow to stay sober. You are sober and seeing life through a new set of eyes. You are ready to move forward with the life that you wanted before your addiction. However, as you get home, the welcome party will eventually end. What happens after that if your spouse has chosen to continue with the very addiction you just escaped? The drinking and substance abuse didn’t bother you when you were using alongside of your partner. Yet, now you are sober and see the addiction in a whole new light. Your partner’s behavior can make or break your relationship. You must decide what you are willing to live with. Can you kiss your partner while he tastes like the very addiction you just broke? Can you watch your partner slip deeper into addiction without letting it pull you back in?

With sobriety, you can begin a new life without nothing holding you back. You begin a new career, go back to school, or even start a new hobby. Your life is moving forward in a positive direction. The addiction your partner still has, will take you backwards in a negative direction. You cannot force anyone to get sober, as you already know. You may love your spouse, but your relationship may not be a safe or smart situation for you any longer. You must sit down with your spouse and make your intentions and needs clear. From this point, you need to decide what is best for you and your new life of sobriety. The first step is finding a rehab center away from a Clifton NJ drug rehab where you will be close to home and risk relapse.

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