Dental Implants: Unveiling The Secret Behind Oral Rehabilitation 

Tooth loss has been a prevailing dental problem for centuries leading to poor oral function and aesthetics. You can lose teeth for several factors like caries, gum disease, or dental trauma. Replacing the lost teeth is crucial to restore your oral form and function, which is possible through dental implants. They offer excellent tooth replacement since they are durable and permanent solutions. 

The Shelby Township dental implant specialists strive to provide premium-quality teeth replacements that successfully meet all your oral health needs. 

An introduction to dental implants 

Dental implants are advanced, and innovative dental restorations that offer permanent teeth replacements. These artificial screws mimic the lost tooth roots that fit into the jawbone surgically to provide an anchorage or a base for permanent restorations like crowns, dentures, and bridges. 

Implants are often made up of biocompatible materials such as titanium screws so that they fuse well with the jawbone and do not cause any allergic reactions. Implants also prevent bone resorption in edentulous areas by stimulating the bone tissues. 

Types of dental implants 

There are several types of dental implants based on the following criteria:

  • According to the number of missing teeth
  • Single-tooth implant: Replaces only one tooth
  • Multiple-tooth implant: Replaces  a few missing teeth
  • Full-mouth implant: Replaces the entire arch of missing teeth 
  • According to the way they are attached to the jawbone
  • Endosteal implants: This type of implant is inserted directly into the jawbone.
  • Subperiosteal implants: This type of implant is placed on top of the jawbone, especially if you do not have sufficient bone density and thickness.

Potential benefits of dental implants 

Dental implants are the most popular restorations since they offer the following advantages:

  • Provide permanent tooth replacement
  • Improve speech and masticatory functions
  • Are fixed prostheses
  • Prevent bone resorption 
  • Preserve your adjacent teeth
  • Are highly durable and long-lasting

Criteria to be a suitable candidate for dental implants 

Your dentist will determine if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants if you meet certain prerequisites. You must:

  • Present with one or more missing teeth  
  • Have healthy gums
  • Have sufficient bone density and volume
  • Be willing to give time for extensive procedures involved in dental implants 
  • Be an adult with fully developed jawbones
  • Be dedicated to maintaining good oral hygiene 


Dental implants are excellent teeth replacement prostheses since they offer permanent, durable, and long-lasting solutions. After all, oral health transformation and rejuvenation are crucial for your overall physical well-being.

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