Male impotence – Erectile dysfunction and the inability to perform sex

Male impotence is a widely talked about subject on the internet, but you will be surprised to know that only a few people would talk this issue if they face it! Most people who talk about this issue are not facing the complications of it and only 20% of the people who have the impotence would find enough courage to discuss this matter with their friends, family, and doctors. In most cases, this issue is revealed when a person is getting married and sometimes, it is too late at that time to get cured. Therefore, you should never feel shy about discussing this issue and should seek immediate help from professionals in order to get rid of this condition as soon as possible. There are different types of erectile dysfunctions and we will discuss the two major types in this article and will also shed light on the major causes. You should also be well aware of the questions which you should be asking from the medical practitioner in order to get a satisfactory treatment.

Types of the importance in males:

There are three different types of impotence, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, in males. It is better to learn about these three different types before you make a conclusion as it will help you in getting the most appropriate help. If you condition is dependent on some other factors, you must always seek help from the specialist doctor before you start consuming medicines Sildaforce 200mg on your own. There are several reasons why you should never take medicines on your own but if you are facing a temporary issue, you can occasionally take Sildalist 120 mgand can treat the condition with the help of right dosage and natural fruits and vegetables to get a proper satisfaction in bed. Following are the three different types of erectile dysfunctions which we see in different males. 

  • Primary impotence
  • Secondary impotence
  • Transitional impotence

Without knowing the exact type of importance, you can never make the right decision about your treatment. It is essential for you to discuss everything with your doctor, if you want him to reach the best solution. In most cases, doctors will ask you several questions to reach a conclusion about your condition and its type. Below is an explanation of the above-mentioned three types of erectile dysfunctions.

Primary impotence is a condition where you have never enjoyed a proper erection throughout your life. This is from childhood and it will make you unable to perform sex. It is quite different from transitional and secondary importance and therefore, it has different way of treatment too. A secondary impotence is when you are unable to perform proper sex now but was able to do it in the right way in past. This can be because of several reasons and your doctor will reach the conclusion after taking about several factors. On the other hand, a transitional impotence is when you feel the life-lessness of your penis occasionally when you can perform well at other times.

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