5 Unique Activities to Try When You Visit Sydney

When you are planning a trip to Sydney, you’ll no doubt want to do all the usual activities that tourists visit the city for, but many visitors also want to do some things a little different and unique. Here are some ideas for activities and days out that you may not find in your usual travel guides or top ten guides.

  1. Go whale watching

Many people don’t realise how close Sydney is to groups of migrating whales, and during the summer months, you can book a boat trip for some Sydney whale watching. Leaving from Sydney Harbour, after just a short sail you’ll start seeing these amazing creatures and will no doubt get some amazing photos for your Instagram.

  1. Visit a secret garden

One way to see Sydney Harbour is to visit Wendy’s Secret Garden which has amazing views and gives you a quiet place to take in the views.

  1. Try some Japanese games

At Purikura Photoland, you can try a range of Japanese claw machines and other fun arcade games, as well as getting some unique selfies in the photo machines.

  1. Visit Cockatoo Island

Take a ferry to Cockatoo Island from the harbour and you can learn all about this former penal colony. Some things to do once you’re on the island include:

  • Learning about what life was like for the convicts
  • Learning about Australia’s history as a colony in general
  • Enjoying views of the harbour and buildings such as the opera house
  • Enjoying the peace and quiet of the island
  1. See vintage buses

Sydney Bus Museum is another attraction that’s overlooked, but it’s eccentric and fun, and both kids and adults love it. The museum has a collection of buses stretching back 90 years, and you can even jump on-board one of the vintage buses and go for a ride around the city. You can also learn the history of buses in Sydney and see these beautifully preserved vehicles up close.

Sydney is about so much more than the Opera House. While you will no doubt visit the iconic sights of Sydney, there are also lots of unusual things to do that you may not have considered before. Try to spend some time off the usual tourist trail and make an effort to track down some of the city’s hidden gems, you’ll no doubt be glad that you did and make some amazing memories.

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