Common Car Breakdown Causes

Like any other asset, cars are vulnerable to breakdowns due to a multitude of causes. Learning about the various issues that a car may encounter will help you to remedy a situation whereby your car does indeed breakdown.

In this article, we cover the various components of your car that frequently run into trouble.

Running Out of Fuel

All cars rely on a certain type of fuel to run, be it petrol, diesel or electricity. As silly as it may seem, you may have simply forgot to top up or recharge your source of fuel.

In such a situation, your dashboard’s fuel gauge would alert you to the insufficient fuel level. This gives you time to make your way over to a gas station to top up.

However, if there is no gas station in the area, then your car will be placed at real risk of stalling. As such, we recommend always carrying extra fuel with you in order to give a last boost to the car.

Your Battery Runs Out of Power

Specifically, if you find that your dashboard’s battery sign lighting up, then your car’s alternator may be failing.The alternator is the component that charges the battery and supplies electrical energy to all its electrical systems.

In the event that your dashboard warns out of a failing alternator, then you need to make your way over to a gas station to charge your battery. Alternatively, if there is a car workshop nearby, they may allow you to charge your car there.

Faulty Ignition Switch

The ignition switch is used to power on your car, making it an essential component of the car. Given that it is used every time you start your car, it should come as no surprise that it is susceptible to wear and tear.

If the ignition switch does fail, when the engine is in operation, your car’s power to the ignition and fuel systems will be cut. Following which, your car’s engine will stall, brining the vehicle to stop.

Depending on the exact issue with the ignition switch and its severity, you may or may not be able to restart your car following the stall.

Failing Fuel Pump

Similar to that of a faulty ignition switch, the fuel pump is also susceptible to wearing out from constant usage. The fuel pump is primarily responsible for delivering fuel from your car’s gas tank to your engine. This allows your car to have a constant supply of fuel and to keep running.

A failing fuel pump will be unable to deliver fuel at the right pressure or be ineffective at high temperatures. This means that your car may face a fuel cut off in the middle of a drive.

What To Do If Your Car Breakdown On The Road

In the event that your car runs into one of these common problems, do not panic. Instead, calmly divert your car to a road shoulder or side of the road. From there, you should contact a towing service to assist. It is important to note that while waiting for the tow truck to arrive, that you keep yourself in a safe spot away from any incoming cars.

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