What You Need To Know About Nitrogen Filled Tires

In order to keep your car on the road safely and enjoy optimal handling, you need to keep your tires properly inflated. Your tires also help you enjoy the maximum amount of fuel efficiency. A  properly inflated tire will improve tread wear, maximize stopping distance and decrease the overall chance of a blowout for your vehicle. A nitrogen filled tire is said to last longer and prevent air from escaping throughout the tire liner.

Regularly checking your tires is important to maintaining the health of your vehicle and this means regularly checking on your tires even if they are nitrogen filled.

Fuel Economy And Nitrogen

Fuel economy in your vehicle is often based on an optimal level of tire inflation and it doesn’t matter whether your vehicle tires are filled with nitrogen or with air, as your tires begin to get underinflated your gas mileage is going to be lowered as well.

Filling Nitrogen Tires At A Regular Pump

It’s not easy to top off nitrogen tires as compressed air is often what’s readily available at most service stations. If you’ve noticed that one of your tires is low you can definitely top off the tire with normal compressed air as necessary but this will negate the benefits of nitrogen for your tires. If you fill your vehicle tires with compressed air you will need to likely deflate your tires and then reinflate them with nitrogen when it is available to you.

Where Can I Fill My Tires?

There are a series of nitrogen dealer locations at service centers. A few gas stations will have nitrogen on hand for you to refill your tires and your dealership will likely have nitrogen available to service your tires. When you go for an oil change at your dealership it is often a wise time to consider a tire check and fill up. Consider these top ideas about nitrogen tires.

This post was written by Justin K, owner of Wheel Identity. Wheel Identity is Tampa Bay’s premier custom shop. We carry custom wheels in Tampa for every vehicle, custom suspension kits, and all accessories for the interior or exterior of your vehicle. We only hire highly trained technicians using state of the art equipment with experience in all areas of tire, wheel, suspension, and 4×4 needs.

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