What to Expect From an Opiate Addiction Recovery Center

Long-term recovery success is much more likely when a person completes an inpatient rehab program at an opiate recovery center. These programs offer a physical safety net and comprehensive holistic care which includes medical detoxification, individualized care, and therapeutic support. There are several benefits of a long-term opiate treatment program. These include:

A physical detox will eliminate the risk of infection while a person is attempting to quit using opiates. This helps to ensure that withdrawal symptoms are not triggered as relapse can be much easier to deal with when they are non-existent. In addition, removing opiate medications from the body will reduce the risk for other underlying diseases. These are all positive benefits of opiate medications being removed from the body during recovery.

An inpatient treatment plan will allow a person to have consistent support while they are working through their opiate addiction. Family and friends may be able to help out by giving their loved ones individual counseling sessions or advice on how to deal with withdrawal symptoms. It may be helpful for family members and friends to just stay close and help if possible.

This could provide the needed emotional and physical stability for someone going through this type of dramatic change. Inpatient care may also offer a safe environment where there is little risk of reintroducing the substances into the body. The staff in an inpatient facility will know how to deal with any situations that may arise and could prevent the use of dangerous substances once the patient is back home.

Another benefit of treatment at an opiate addiction treatment center is that patients are exposed to outside influences that normally would be detrimental to their opiate medications. It is common for families and friends to try to convince the person that leaving the house calls for protection against predators or that it would be better to withdraw from taking medications.

These distractions can increase the temptation to return to opiate medications. Family and friends should keep in mind that while they may be able to help their loved ones to get through this difficult time, there is no substitute for a good opiate addiction recovery program.

There are many benefits to an inpatient recovery program. Opiate withdrawal can be very physically draining, even for someone who is dedicated to their recovery. During this time they should focus on themselves and their recovery rather than their dependence on drugs. A good opiate rehab center will make sure their patients are receiving as much individual attention as possible.

A treatment program should also include a lot of educational information about the disease of opiate addiction and how it affects people’s lives. It is important to address the fact that once a person becomes addicted to opiates, they remain addicted throughout their lives. Drug overdose deaths are now the leading cause of unintentional death in the United States. By investing in a good rehabilitation program, a person can learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, commit to daily exercises, and learn how to avoid future addictions.

Opiate medications are not necessarily the cause of someone’s addiction; however, they can make it much worse by causing deep emotional and psychological cravings and making withdrawal symptoms much worse.

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